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2020 Online season

  • 04/09/20: The website has been updated with all the News Reports, results, tables and games for week 9 of the Online league. Read on!
  • 01/08/20: For all the latest TAFCA League Online news after 4 weeks play, click “here
  • 19/07/20: That`s all of the first round matches in both divisions completed. Checkout “TAFCA Online News” for all the latest reports “HERE“!
  • 10/07/20: We are off and running at last as the division two teams started their campaigns off this week! For more click “HERE
  • 07/07/20: Here we go at last with the new online league! Tues 7th July 20; Div 2- Dundee Centrosaurus` v Dundee Datousaurus`! There are 3 matches on this week (Tues; Wed & Thurs). You can also watch any or all of the matches while they are being played! “HERE
  • 25/06/20: The all new TAFCA League Online starts on Tues 7th July 20: Checkout TAFCA Online Menu for teams and players (or blue box on right!)

2019-20 season

  • 08/06/20: Congratulations to all our TAFCA Champions for 2019-20 “HERE“.
  • 04/06/20: Affiliated Club team entries for the “NEW” TAFCA League Online, should be sent to Ray Noble by the 15th June 2020. (Checkout TAFCA Online!)

(July 6th to Oct 12th)

For rules, more guides checkout the main menu “TAFCA Online” above.

2019-2020: OTB FIXTURES