TAFCA Documents

Club Forms

Team Entry Form (Online)
Player Nominations Form (Online)
Team Captain Form (Online)


TAFCA Constitution and Rules (2017/18) (.docx)


Minutes of the 69th TAFCA AGM – May 2018 (.docx)
Minutes of the 68th TAFCA AGM – May 2017 (.docx)
Minutes of the 67th TAFCA AGM – May 2016 (.docx)
Minutes of the 66th TAFCA AGM – May 2015 (.docx)
Minutes of the 65th TAFCA AGM – May 2014 (pdf)
Minutes of the 63rd TAFCA AGM – May 2012 (Doc)
Minutes of Meeting of 62nd TAFCA AGM – May 2011 (Doc)

Online Forms

Online Abridged New Rules
TAFCA League Online Rule (in full)
Guide to Playing Matches on Lichess.org
Online Disconnection Guide
Captains & Players Guides