Individual Events


This will be the 2nd year with the new format which was a great success. Lets keep it going this year. Kirkcaldy have the honour of starting it off this season and I hope we get a great response again!

1: Kirkcaldy: Wed 30th Oct 19
2: Dundee: Tues 26th Nov 19
3: Perth: Mon 27th Jan 20
4: Newport: Wed 26th Feb 20
5: Castlehill: Thurs 26th Mar 20
6: St.Andrews Uni TBC


(New Format 2018-19)

TAFCA ALLEGRO CHAMPIONSHIP (Part 5 – Kirkcaldy)  – Final Standings! “HERE
Wednesday 27th March 2019.

This was the last in a series of 5 events to crown the TAFCA Allegro Champion 2018-19. Also at stake was the 1st ever TAFCA Allegro Kirkcaldy Champion.

A fantastic 25 players made it to Kirkcaldy Chess Club at the St.Clair Tavern. It was a near perfect venue for chess and the buffet that was laid on was out of this world! A big, big thank you to Kirkcaldy Chess Club and St.Clair Tavern for their hosting and the great spread.


Alastair Dawson (Dundee) going into the last night was leading the TAFCA Allegro Championship overall on 11 points, 2 clear of the chasing pack on 9 points (Paul & Declan Shafi (Castlehill). In 4th place was Andy Rowe & Euan Dawson (Castlehill) on 8 points. Now as luck would have it for Alastair, none of the above players were playing tonight!


Round 1
Alastair Dawson (Dundee) got his campaign off too a good start beating his nearest rival. Ray Noble (Castlehill) (6½ pts). Alan Borwell (Dundee) drew with Michael Roth (Perth) and the rest went to grade.

Round 2

The only shock result in this round was Scott Finnie (Newport) beating the leader Alastair Dawson to put a spanner in the works!

Round 3
Alan Borwell inflected more misery on leader Alastair Dawson and in the process got revenge for his Dundee Club Championship defeat to Alastair! All other results went to grade with Ray Flood (Dundee) getting a nice draw against Jim Anderson (Dundee).

Standings (after 3 rounds)
1.Stuart Blyth (Kirkcaldy) (3 pts)
=2. M.Roth; J.Anderson; A.Borwell & R.Flood (2½ pts)

Could we get a Kirkcaldy player as champion of Kirkcaldy? Freedom of the city a waits if they do!

Round 4
Alan Borwell makes it 3 straight wins, Jim Anderson puts a spoke in the wheels of a Kirkcaldy champion as he sees off Stuart Blyth and Ray Noble beats the rock steady Colin Young (Castlehill)  in an 8 move checkmate! That make it 3 in a row for Ray Noble as well!

Standings (after 4 rounds)
1=.Alan Borwell; Michael Roth and Jim Anderson 3½.
The chasing pack on 3 points have 5 players in it.

Round 5 (last)
Stuart Blyth beats Michael Roth (see photo below), while Alan Borwell puts paid to Jim Anderson to finish top of the table on 4½ points and be crowned the 1st ever TAFCA Kirkcaldy Allegro Champion! Well done Alan, deserved big time!


Ray Noble finished strongly making it 4 wins in a row after seeing off Terry Doherty (Kirkcaldy). Alastair Dawson did not have a good tournament despite having a great start. He finished with a loss and only 2 points on the night!

Final standings on the night
1st Alan Borwell (Dundee) 4½ pts (Kirkcaldy Champion)
2nd=  Stuart Blyth/Branislav Sudjic (Kirkcaldy) & Ray Noble (Castlehill) 4 pts.


Congratulation to Alan Borwell on becoming the TAFCA Kirkcaldy Allegro Champion 2018-19. Valiant effort by runners-up Stuart Blyth, Branislav Sudjic and Ray Noble (what?).

(Round 5: Stuart Blyth (Kirkcaldy) 1, Michael Roth (Perth) 0; A rook and two minor pieces down and a double discovered checkmate. Wow!)

Kirkcaldy Chess Club and St.Clair Tavern you did yourselves proud on the night and we all had a ball thanks to you both!

Now who is going to be crowned the overall TAFCA Allegro Champion 2018-19? Alastair Dawson was looking favourite before tonight’s event as most of his closest rivals were not playing! But it was not a good tournament with him only getting the bonus point we all get for turning up and left him on 12 points! Alastairs nearest rival was Ray Noble on 6½ points before tonight. He had a great tournament and finished equal 2nd but that only got him 4 points and a overall total of 10½ points enough to earn him 3rd place overall.  But Alan Borwell on 6 points before the Kirkcaldy’s event pulled a flanker and sneaked up undetected by everyone in stealth mode with his great win to claim 5 points + one bonus point to take him to 12 points and equal 1st place overall! From equal 7th place to equal 1st place, that was some jump! Alastair only needed to be in the points at the end and he would have won it outright!


So it`s Congratulations to Alastair Dawson and Alan Borwell (both Dundee CC) on becoming the TAFCA Allegro series Champions 2018-19! Well done both of you!


Well that brings to an end our first new format TAFCA Allegro Championship. It was a lot of hard work but I think it went very well indeed with 139 entries over the 5 venues. Not only that, Newport Knights started something with their pies and Kirkcaldy finished it with their buffet fit for a king!

Can we top it next season? It will be a hard act to follow but we will try! A big thank you to Jim Anderson for all the hard work he put in on the nights. Thank you to all the Chess Clubs involved and their venues. But the biggest thank you is to “YOU” the players who entered the competitions. It makes all the hard work worth while.


TAFCA ALLEGRO CHAMPIONSHIP (Part 4 – Dundee)  – Standings after four events! “HERE

The 4th TAFCA Allegro Championship series took place at Dundee Chess Club on Tuesday 26th February 2019.

A fantastic 34 players ( 2 more than at Castlehill!) took part and what a welcome Dundee Chess Club gave us. We had raffles (prizes donated by members of Dundee), food and drink galore, and a book stall all donated by Alan Borwell and Raymond Flood. The books were free to take away but if possible a small donation to Dundee Chess Club would be most appreciated! The venue looked great with all the boards set up. Well done to Dundee Chess Club, Jean Chalmers, Jim Anderson and the team pulling out all the stops on the night. Great venue for chess and great hosts on the night!

Before the night started the overall standings in the TAFCA Allegro Championship is as follows;

Leaders (after 3 events)
1st Alastair Dawson (Dundee)  8½
2nd Paul Shafi (Castlehill) 8
3rd= Euan Dawson & Andy Rowe (Castlehill) 7
5th Ray Noble (Castlehill) 6½

It was a late start due to the amount of raffle prizes Dundee Chess Club had, but we got there in the end!


As you would expect in this format (5 round Swiss; 15 minutes each player), there were some scary chess played at times (some scary players as well!). There were some shock results on the night, but nothing too major as players jockeyed for top spot. Out of the leaders before we started, Andy Rowe (Castlehill) probably had a disappointing night by his standards, but then again it was a strong field tonight with Declan Shafi, David Findlay, Alan Borwell, etc, etc playing!

In the early rounds most of the top players managed to avoid any major disasters. Andy Rowe (Castlehill) only managed a draw against Alan Kearns (Kirkcaldy), but Paul Shafi (Castlehill) lost to Laurenziu Archip (Dundee) who proved to be the undoing of a few players tonight!

Round 2
Euan Dawson in a winning position only got a draw against Scott Finnie (Newport) after his flag fell (Time management is an issue for Euan at the moment) as Scott did not have the material to checkmate! Paul Shafi won the battle of the draw masters against Andy Rowe!

Round 3
The misery continued for Andy Rowe as he lost again, this time to tournament storm trouper, Laurenziu Archip. (Laurenziu in the last two rounds has taken out the most famous draw masters of Castlehill CC, not counting Craig Nicol of course!)


Round 4
Alan makes it 4 out of 4, while his main rivals, Declan Shafi and David Findlay cancelled themselves out with a draw against each other!


Round 5
Going into the last round Alan Borwell was unbeaten on 4 points! Alan has been a bit unlucky due to date changes he has missed the last two events. I am sure he would have been in the mix for the overall championship had he played them! Declan Shafi and David Findlay were ½ a point behind after drawing their last match together. Alan faced the number 1 seed David Findlay in the last round, while Declan faced Euan Dawson..

In what turned out to be a wild and complicated game between Alan & David, it just seemed inevitable that David Findlay the number one seed would find a way to win and he did. Declan Shafi was for the most part on the wrong end of it against Euan Dawson, but time is a big factor in this format and Euan in pole position and under time pressure could not find the winning combination and lost on time.

With those results it`s congratulations to David Findlay (Dundee) and Declan Shafi (Castlehill) for winning the TAFCA Allegro Dundee Championship on 4½ point each! They are the first ever winners of this event. At the end of the day, it`s just another day at the office for David & Declan!


It was a 4 way tie for 4th place with a special mention for Laurenziu Archip (Dundee) who is ungraded but played out of his skin to get equal 4th place!

STANDING (on night)
1st= David Findlay (Dundee) & Declan Shafi (Castlehill) 4½
=4th Alan Borwell; Alastair Dawson; Laurenziu Archip (Dundee) and Micheal Roth (Perth) all on 4 points.


You get place points towards the TAFCA Allegro Championship, i.e, 1st 5; 2nd 4; 3rd 2 etc. Also everybody that turns up and plays get a bonus point as well. So Declan & David share 1st place, they get the points for the first two place added together (9 points) then divided by 2, equals 4½ each, plus the bonus point = 5½ points each

STANDINGS (after 4 events)
1.Alastair Dawson (Dundee) 11pts
2nd=  Paul Shafi & Declan Shafi (Castlehill) 9pts
3rd= Euan Dawson & Andy Rowe (Castlehill) 8pts
5th Ray Noble (Castlehill) 6½pts


Alastair Dawson just needs to turn up and get into the points to take the title, or does he? Can Paul, Euan, Andy or heaven forbid, Declan pull the cat out of the bag? We will just have to wait and see when we hold the last event in Kirkcaldy Chess Club on Wednesday 27th March!

Once again a big thank you to Dundee Chess Club and all it`s helpers. Also Jim Anderson for all his hard work. Raymond Flood & Alan Borwell for the book donations and of course all the players who played on the night!



(Incorporating the Perth TAFCA Allegro Championship)
Date: Mon 28th Jan 19: Venue: Perth CC
Report by Ray Noble

Well the 3rd part of the TAFCA Allegro Championship in Perth nearly got cancelled due to technical issues, but these were resolved and thankfully it went ahead!

19 players took part, including some Perth players for the first time! Newport Knights gave their apologies, but it was their AGM night. Perth 7; Castlehill 6; Dundee 5 and Kirkcaldy had Pete Selbie as their lone representative.

There was no big surprise in round one, but round two was a different story! Pete Selbie (1421) beat Michael Roth (1597), Ray Flood (1406) lost to Jack Hogg (ug) and Alastair Dawson (1742), a piece up and 3 minutes better off on time against Ian Washington (1468), was so deep in thought, the next thing he heard was the bleep, bleep of his clock and he lost the game!

In round 3 Innes Ford (ug), roughed Ray Noble (1537) up some what and like a cat playing with a mouse throw him all over the place until the white towel was thrown in by Ray!

Round 4 saw Colin Young (1402) beat Paul Shafi (1467). Paul like Ray Noble was not having his best outing in the TAFCA Allegro series. He even drew with John Shovlin (935) in the last round!

Going into round 5 Gwenole Le Feuvre (1612) from Perth Chess Club was out in front on 4 points. We had 5 players in the chasing pack on 3 points (M.Roth; I.Washington; A.Dawson; J.Anderson & Z.Swaczyna.

Jim Anderson (1602) & Michael Roth (1597) drew against each other, while Zdenek Swaczyna (1264) beat Ian Washington (1468). That left the top board clash between unbeaten Gwenole Le Feuvre (1612) & Alastair Dawson (1742) to decide the fate of the Perth Allegro Championship. It was close but Alastair managed to overcome Gwenole in the final match!

That meant it was a three way tie for the title of Perth TAFCA Allegro Champion on 4 points between Alastair Dawson (Dundee CC); Zdenek Swaczyna (Dundee CC) and Gwenole Le Feuvre (Perth CC). Congratulations to all three players, with a special mention to Zdenek graded only 1264!

After 3 events Alastair Dawson takes over first place from his son Euan Dawson who was not playing tonight. on 8½ points. Indeed Euan moves down to equal 3rd place along with Andy Rowe because Paul Shafi somehow moved into 2nd place despite a poor Perth Allegro!


Checkout the full standings.  “HERE

A big thank you to Perth Chess Club for hosting this event. The room was a bit cold, but the hospitality was fantastic and the venue staff very, very helpful on the night.

Up next, the penultimate event takes place at Dundee Chess Club on Tuesday 26th February 2019, 7:30pm. It should be a cracker!


As for clubs and their support of the first three events: Castlehill are way out front with 34 players; Dundee are the nearest with 16, Kirkcaldy 12, Newport Knights 11 and Perth 7.



(Incorporating the Castlehill TAFCA Allegro Championship)
Date: Thurs 29th Nov 18: Venue: Castlehill CC
Report by Ray Noble


It was Castlehill`s turn to host the TAFCA Allegro Championship. A hard job after the excellent hosting skills of Newport Knights in the first one!

32 players took part on the night, 3 more than the first one! The club split was:

Castlehill – 21 players (What a fantastic response by Castlehill to their own night!)
Dundee – 4 players; Kirkcaldy 4 players & Newport Knights 3 players.

Perth for the second time had nobody entered along with St.Andrews Uni. It is Perth`s turn to host the 3rd TAFCA Allegro Championships in January 2019. Not sure what is going to happen there?

On the night there were some major shock results. Euan Dawson (Castlehill) won the 1st Allegro with a perfect 5 out of 5. This time he fell at the 1st hurdle and the 2nd hurdle to have no points after two rounds. To top that number one seed, Declan Shafi (Castlehill) lost his 2nd round match to Robert Burnett (Dundee), the conquer of Euan Dawson in the first round!

Robert Burnett`s luck ran out in round three as Ray Noble (Castlehill) beat him to make it 3 out of 3! “Yes I know it`s hard to believe!” Joining Ray in equal first place was Robert Jackson (Castlehill) and Tom Constance (Castlehill).


In round 4 Robert dispatched Ray, while Andy Rowe (Castlehill) showed the young gun, Tom Constance how it is done!


In the last round Andy Rowe (3½) was paired against leader Robert Jackson (4) who only needed a draw to win on the night. Alas Andy proved too strong and got the better of Robert Jackson to take out right first place on the night and become the first ever Castlehill TAFCA Allegro Champion. Congratulations Andy on a fantastic tournament. Andy will get a medal and on the night he received two Chess DVD`s by the Ginger GM, Simon Williams! (No expense spared at Castlehill!)

Not only that he gets 6 points towards the overall TAFCA Allegro Championship, along with 4½ points for the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix event. (Hope you are keeping up with this?)

There was a 4 way tie for second place with Declan Shafi; Robert Jackson; Paul Shafi & Ray Noble (all Castlehill) getting 3½ points for Allegro Championship and 4 points each for the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix (still with me?)

There is a three way tie at the top of the TAFCA Allegro Championship after 2 events. Euan Dawson, Andy Rowe and Paul Shafi (where did he come from?) on 7 points. Still a long way to go with 3 events left.


A big thank you to Castlehill Chess Club and the Chaplaincy Centre for hosting this event with there usual skill. Great venue for playing chess! But with out you the players there would be no chess, so a big thank you to all the players who entered, especially the one who had to travel out with Dundee!

For all the updated tables in the TAFCA Allegro & J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix please check out our website.

Next up Perth CC on Monday 28th January 2019. Will they turn up at there own venue? Should anybody else?

See you all there!

Standings after two events! “HERE


(Incorporating the Knights of Newport TAFCA Allegro Championship)
Venue: Newport Knights Chess Club: Date: Wednesday 24th October 2018: 7:30pm
Report by Ray Noble

What a welcome we had from the players of Newport Knights Chess Club. This is the first in a 5 series competition to determine who will be this season’s TAFCA Allegro Champion. Not only that but tonight was the first ever TAFCA Newport Knights Allegro Championship, so who will be the first winner?

The venue was looking good, pies were on offer to all players, plus they had a small raffle with various prizes, plus a prize for the winner (Knights Cuff links!) and a book about the club. To top that off they had a bar! Other clubs be warned Newport Knights have moved the goal posts and have set the standard for the rest to follow!

We shall see how the rest responded when it is their turn.

We had an unexpected but brilliant response to this revamped TAFCA competition with 29 players ready for the challenge. Castlehill CC, Dundee CC & Kirkcaldy CC all had 7 players while the hosts (Knights of Newport) had 8. No players from Perth Chess Club this time.


Marcus Wylie (Newport Knights) opened the competition by thanking everyone for coming to their club and how proud they are for hosting the first one. He also told us about the club and it`s beginnings, including a story about finding an old Newport Chess trophy in a shop which they bought back and added a base. On that trophy was a players name who played for Newport years ago and has been a member of Castlehill Chess Club for a long, long  time as well, Roy Morris. How about that!











There were many a good battle and some not so good battles (Ray Noble?), but in the end like clockwork and a thumbs up to the Chess Scotland grading system, both the number 1 & 2 seeds won their first four matches and played each other in the final match of the night. Both had a tricky 4th round match with Alan seeing of Jim Anderson (1602); (Dundee) and Euan beating Andy Rowe (1583); (Castlehill).


Alan Borwell (1889); (Dundee) was the number 1 seed, while Euan Dawson J17 (1798); (Castlehill) was the number 2 seed. It was also a battle of youth versus experience and in Alan`s case a lot of experience! (Sorry Alan?).

Euan had the white side and as expected it was a tough battle. Euan is unrecognizable from the player his was 6 months ago! Somewhere along the way Alan seemed to be behind in time and I would say this was the deciding factor in the match.

Yes it’s congratulations to Master Euan Dawson J17 (Castlehill) on becoming the first ever TAFCA Knights of Newport Allegro champion 2018 on 5 out of 5! Alan had to settle for tied runner-up on 4 points with Alastair Dawson (1742); (Dundee), James Anderson (1602);  (Dundee) & Paul Shafi (1465); (Castlehill).










Once again a big thank you to Knights of Newport for their hosting skills. A big thank you to James Anderson for doing the computer work. But most of all a big thank you to all the players who made the effort to support the 1st TAFCA Allegro this season. It was most appreciated by Knights of Newport, TAFCA and the organisers of the competition.


Next up Castlehill Chess Club Dundee on Thursday 29th November 2018.


The TAFCA Individual Allegro Championship  is made up of 5 separate one day events. Each event has it`s own champion and all 5 events decide who will be crowned TAFCA Allegro Champion.


This is an old event revamped for this season to give clubs and players out with Dundee more opportunities to play in it by taking the Allegro to their own backyard!. There are three main parts to this event;


  • There will be 5 individual club night tournaments in which you are playing to collect points towards the TAFCA Allegro Club champion (Each club has a designated night). Also you are playing for points towards becoming the  TAFCA Allegro Champion!  If you really play well you could do the grand slam by winning all Individual club championships and be crowned TAFCA Allegro champion!
  • Points collected for places at all events go towards the overall TAFCA Allegro Championship!
  • All TAFCA Allegro nights are designated J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial events.


1.Newport Knights Championship: Wednesday 24th October 2018, 7:30pm sign-in.
2.Castlehill Championship: Thursday 29th November 2018. 7:30pm sign-in.
3.Perth Championship: Monday 28th January 2019, 7:30pm sign-in.
4.Dundee Championship: Tuesday 26th February 2019. 7:30pm sign-in.
5.Kirkcaldy Championship: Wednesday 27th March 2019, 7:30pm sign-in.

Your support of these events (Championships) would be most welcome.

All TAFCA Allegro Championship events are designated J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix events.

Rules, etc below..

Rules      J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix


The TAFCA Allegro takes place on Saturday 28th January 2016 in Castlehill Chess Club Dundee. Entry Fee £12 (£1 off Chess Scotland member); Juniors (u16) £7 (£1 off CS). The Allegro starts at 10am with prize giving 4:30pm approx.

Round 1: 10am: Round 2: 11am: Round 3: 12noon
Break: 1pm (30 minutes)
Round 4: 1:30pm: Round 5: 2:30pm: Round 6: 3:30pm

Prize money dependent on entries: Champion, Runner-up and two grading band places make up the prize places.

Enter by email to Ray Noble at  ASAP and pay on the day (Cash only!).

Please support your local league events.

As this is the TAFCA flag ship event for 2016-17, you get double points towards the J.R. Chalmers Grand Prix event!



Not held



1/01/17: Due to lack of entries I have had no alternative but to cancel the TAFCA Individual 2016-17. Apologies to those players that made the effort to enter.

Individual Spreadsheet (Entries, Draw, etc; updated 28/10/16)   Rules

Entries are now being taken for this years TAFCA Individual Championship 2016-17. Closing date for entries is Sunday 30th October 2016.
Contact the TAFCA Individual organiser, Ray Noble;
email:  Text/phone: 07746971828. Please support your singles championship event.

PLEASE NOTE: Format has changed, please read the rules in full.


This year the TAFCA Individual will be a straight Knockout competition.  We will have three separate competitions entries permitting:

  • TAFCA Individual Championship: (Open to all TAFCA players: You can only be TAFCA Individual champion if you enter the open!)
  • TAFCA Presidents Cup (u1650): (Open only to TAFCA players 1650 or below. You cannot be the Individual Champion if you enter this)
  • TAFCA Challenge Shield (u1400): (Open only to TAFCA players 1400 or below. (You cannot be the Individual Champion or Presidents Cup winner if you enter this)

In the event that not enough entries are received in one/or any of the events, then said events will be combined into one event.

You may only enter one event.