J R Chalmers Grand Prix

J R Chalmers Trophy

jimThe J R Chalmers Trophy will be a Grand Prix competition involving, where possible, all of the  major weekend chess congresses in the TAFCA area, plus the TAFCA League & the TAFCA Allegro Individual championships. The weekend chess congresses organised within the TAFCA area, but not run by TAFCA, represent the wide area of influence over the years that Jim Chalmers had in his role as promoter, organiser and in his long standing position as TAFCA President.





All the rules of this event must not add anything to the burden of weekend congress events and their organisers.

1. This competition is open to paid up members of TAFCA affiliated clubs.

2. Entry is automatic when entering a TAFCA designated Grand Prix event.

3. The trophy shall be won by the player who has the highest number of grand prix points.

4. In the event of a tie at the end of the Grand Prix tournament, then the trophy will be shared.

5. Only “Main list” time-control events are eligible. The one exception to this is the TAFCA Individual Allegro Championships,

6. To gain points, a player just enters any of the designated TAFCA Grand Prix events. Grand Prix points will be accumulated throughout the events.

7. You must play a minimum of three games in an event for your score to be eligible for Grand Prix points. (excluding the TAFCA Leagues)

8. Your points score in any of the TAFCA designated events will make up your Grand Prix points. (See rule 9 & rule 10).

9. Half point byes and defaults will not count.

10. TAFCA reserve the right to take any measures to facilitate the smooth running of the J R Chalmers Grand Prix Trophy, and will ensure that the rules and conditions are applied fairly.

11. ELIGIBLE EVENTS; TAFCA league divisions; All 5 TAFCA Individual Allegro championships; Any weekend Congresses in the TAFCA area: ie,  The Dundee Congress; The Perth congress; The Kirkcaldy Congress, etc.

13. Publicity: Information about the Grand Prix will appear on the TAFCA website. There may also be leader board notices at eligible tournaments.

14. Scores: Grand Prix points will be updated on line as soon as the results of an event have been submitted for grading to Chess Scotland. If you think scores are wrong, please contact the Grand Prix organiser immediately.



“Weekend congress” is defined as an event taking place over one weekend.

“Main List” means events taking place with a time control by which it is processed for the main Chess Scotland grading list, ie., not an allegro rated event.


Leaderboard Table updated: 09/04/22: 12:25 hrs HERE

UPDATED 09/04/22

Congratulations to Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) on becoming the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial Cup champion 2021-22! Mind you he only just made it, leading by 4 points from Ed Spencer (Dundee) who had a fantastic last event, with Richard not so, but still holding on by ½ a point to take the title for the first time! Talk about squeaky bum time! Ed Spencer in the end had to settle for runners-up spot.

Thank you to all the players involved who once again provided a fertile battle ground for some scintillating chess and climatic finishes!

For the final standings click the link above or HERE


Week 24: With only the 6th TAFCA Allegro Championship Series St.Andrews Uni left, it would take a miracle for anybody to catch Richard Kynoch (Castlehill). One of those miracles is for Richard “NOT” to play in the last event! Would he really take that chance? Find out on Thurs 7th April when it takes place!


Week 23: With only one TAFCA Allegro left and a few league matches it`s looking like Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) is champion elect for the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial Cup sitting on 26½ points. His nearest rival, Ed Spencer (Dundee) is on 22 points, a 4½ point gap!


Week 22: Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) still leads the way with only 2 league weeks left and 3 TAFCA Individual competitions to go! He leads by 5 points but plenty points still available especially in the 3 individual events left!


Week 21: Not much movement in the table with Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) still leading but not too many weeks left for anybody to make a challenge!

Week 19: Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) still leads the table with about 5 week to go! Can he hold on?


Week 18: Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) wins again to keep a good lead at the top of the table. His rivals also won to keep the pressure on with league and Allegro`s still to play!


Week 17 and Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) still holds top spot. Can he hold on until the end, or will the field finally catch him up?
Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) increases his lead after week 16 of TAFCA. Still a long way to go but points on board matter more that points to still get!

Richard Kynoch (Castlehill)  still leads the way at the top of the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial trophy, with Ed Spencer (Dundee) on his coat tails in 2nd place. The table has been updated with the TAFCA Kirkcaldy Allegro!  Still plenty leagues matches and two TAFCA Allegro Championship events left so plenty still to play for!

Checkout all the standings with the link above.

With league match results.

The table has been updated with TAFCA Allegro Championship Series Dundee results which took place on Wed 5th Jan 22. Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) Still leads by 2½ points fron Jan Barron-Majerik (Castlehill). Click link above for full table.


Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) is the early leader in the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial as we hit the festive break! This table also includes the two TAFCA Allegro nights (Newport & Perth). Still a long way to go!
Click the link above to see the leader board so far.


Leaderboard (Final) – 2020-21

Table updated: 23/04/21: 013:42 hrs HERE” – All events now completed – Final table


This was one of the tightest races in this event and at the end of the day two players could not be separated even in the final event to take place, the TAFCA Allegro Championship Series, St.Andrews Uni!


Congratulations to Castlehill Chess Club players, Andre Babin (1882) and Jan Barron-Majerik (1500) on becoming the J.R.Chamlers Grand Prix winners 2020-21! Both of you had a fantastic season. This is the second title for Andre having won the TAFCA Allegro Championship Series this season!

Jan what can we say but “WOW”! Graded 1500 my elbow!

1st = Andre Babin & Jan Barron-Majerik (both Castlehill)   27 points
3rd= Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) & Ed Spencer (Dundee)   24 points
5th Wilf Wheatley (St.Andrews Uni) 21½ points


Thank you to everybody in the TAFCA Winter League 20-21. Better luck next time!


Updated Report: 17/04/21 (below)
It`s going to the wire as Andre Babin and Jan Barron-Majerik sit equal top of the table on 23 points with just one event left! Close on their heels are Richard Kynoch (21pts) and Ed Spencer (20 pts). All that stands between them is the 6th (last) TAFCA Allegro Championship Series (St.Andrews Uni) on Thurs 22nd April, 7:30pm. Squeaky bum time!


Andre Babin (Castlehill) has been leading from day one, but slowly the other players have been catching up and now he only leads by ½ a point! Jan Barron-Majerik (Castlehill) has stuck to Andres coat tails as has Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) on 21 points. Ed Spencer (Dundee) is in 4th place on 19 points. Will Andre hold on, or will he be pipped at the final hurdle? Hold on to your hats, this is going to be close!


J.R.CHALMERS GRAND PRIX MEMORIAL (TAFCA Allgero Championships Dundee Series)
The TAFCA Allegro events are also part of the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial event in memory of TAFCA`s late President and all round chess organiser and motivator, Jim Chalmers. This involves all TAFCA League matches and TAFCA Allegro Championship events. The result of each match you play in the TAFCA League and Allegro Championship events are added together (excludes byes & defaults) and the player with the most points at the end of the season will be the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial Champion 2020-21!

Andre Babin (Castlehill) is leading in this event on 22½ points, but is closely followed by Jan Barron-Majerik (Castlehill) on 21 points.In third place is Richard Kynoch (Castlehill) on 20½ points

We still have one TAFCA Allegro Championship Series event to go plus any league matches! Still all to play for!


Andre Babin (Castlehill) is still top on 22½pts, but is closely followed by Ed Spencer (Dundee) & Jan Barron-Majerik (Castlehill) on 18pts.


Andre Babin from Castlehill Chess Club Dundee is still leading but there is a smaller gap now! Still a long way to go!


Andre Babin (Castlehill) is still leading the way! Wilf Wheatley (St.Andrews Uni) moves into 2nd place after his nice win against Castlehill B!


Andre Babin (Castlehill) increases his lead at the top of the “J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial” table after a devastating show of chess class in the TAFCA Allegro Championship Series, Kirkcaldy on Wed 6th Jan 21!

Standings so far
1st – Andre Babin (Castlehill) 16½ points
2= – Jan Barron-Majerik (Castlehill) & Gary Weir (Dundee) 12 points each

Still a long, long way to go!
For all the standings so far, click the link above. (does not include Tuesday 5th Jan TAFCA League match results yet)



Andre Babin still leads after the TAFCA Allegro Perth Championship help on Mon 21st Dec 20.
Andre Babin
(Castlehill ) leads the field with just one event left of 2020! Players still have time to catch him if they do well in the 2nd TAFCA Allegro Championship (incorporating the Perth Allegro) on Mon 21st Dec 20, 7:30pm. Of course Andre also has the chance to increase his lead!

Andre Babin (Castlehill) increased his lead at the top despite his team losing on the night (Thurs 10th Dec)! We have a new kid on the block in 2nd place after a great win against Declan Shafi! 

Table updated after Div 2 match Newport B v St.Andrews B (Wed 2nd Dec 20)

Week 3 completed and Andre Babin (Castlehill) is the early leader, but a long, long, long way to go!
If you spot any mistakes, please let contact Ray Noble (email, text, messenger, WhatsApp or phone).



This year’s event will include the following competitions:

  • TAFCA League Online
  • TAFCA Allegro Championships ( 6 events!)

There may be an event added later, just watch this space.

  • POINTS: Win = 1 point: Draw = ½: Loss = Zero points
    (Byes or defaults do not count)

The player with the most points at the end of the TAFCA season will be champion!


Defending Champion Ray Flood (Dundee)!

The TAFCA League starts first week in November, and the first Allegro is on Wed 18th Nov 20, 7:30pm. (Allegro page)


Leaderboard – 2019-20

Table updated: 27/04/20 HERE

Congratulations to Ray Flood (Dundee) Champion 2019-20!



The tables have been updated with some outstanding league match results, which I was a bit late updating due to you know what!

Raymond Flood (Dundee) the defending champion is top of the table and looking good to retain his title.

Of course all decisions about all this seasons TAFCA events and the COVID-19 Virus pandemic have yet to be made but will not be long in coming so please checkout our website on a regular basis.


(The table has been updated with the TAFCA Allegro Newport Knight event.)

Ray Flood (Dundee) still leads the way by 2 points from Laurenziu Archip (Dundee). David Hall (Perth) is a further 5½ points behind the leader in 3rd place, but still time to do some damage!  Ray Flood is defending his title in style this season and is looking good to win it for a second year, but it`s still too close to call!


Updated: 18/02/20:  For the full standings so far: “HERE” (including the Perth Congress results and TAFCA matches up to16th Feb!)
Ray Flood still leads Laurenziu Archip after the latest updates!

New leader and the defending champion, Raymond Flood (Dundee) took full advantage of Laurenziu Archip`s (Dundee) absence from the Perth Chess Congress! David Hall (Perth) moves into 3rd place, while Andre Babin & Jan Barron-Majerik (both Castlehill) are in equal 4th place! Still a lot of matches to be played but Raymond Flood will be hard to stop!


Laurenziu Archip (Dundee) after the TAFCA Allegro Championship, Perth, still leads by 2½ points from his nearest rivals, but there is still a long way to go. He will take some stopping and It`s better to be in front, than being the chasing pack!
Laurenziu Archip (Dundee)
 still leads the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial after his good performance the the TAFCA Allegro Championship, Dundee event held on Tues 26th Nov at Dundee Chess Club! He leads on 14 points from club mate David Findlay (Dundee) who won the Allegro that night! Defending champion Ray Flood (Dundee) is not far behind in equal 3rd place with Ed Spencer (Dundee) on 10½ points.

Angus Sneddon (Newport Knights) is the highest non-Dundee player in equal 3rd place with Ray Flood & Ed Spencer! As the winner of the Dundee Congress Minor 2019 he is not to be dismissed!


Still a long way to go but Laurenziu will take some catching if he plays in most of the Allegro`s!

For the full table so far (29/11/19) click “HERE


The early leader after the Dundee Chess Congress and TAFCA Allegro, Kirkcaldy is Dundee`s Laurenziu Archip (1529) on 8½ pts. In 2nd place on 7pts is Andre Babin (Castlehill). Angus Sneddon (Newport Knights) is in equal 3rd place with Jan Barron-Majerik on 6½ pts. There is a very long way to go with a lot of events to be played!

Tom Wardlaw (1174) from Perth Chess Club leads the way on 4½ points after the Dundee Chess Congress 2019. which started off the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix.

Ray Flood (1509) (Dundee), the defending champion is hot on his heels in equal 2nd place on 4 points. Still a long, long way to go but what a start!

Please contact me if you spot any errors.   Email: nobleray59@yahoo.com


SEASON 2019-20
This years events for the J.R.Chalmers Memorial Grand Prix are as follows:

1.Dundee Chess Congress (Fri-Sun 18th-20th Oct 19)
2. Perth Chess Congress (Fri-Sun 7th-9th Feb 20)
3. TAFCA League (Oct 19 to Mar 20)
4. TAFCA Allegro (Oct 19 to Mar 20) Double points available as TAFCA Flagship event.
Other events may be added if they are run, example: Kirkcaldy Congress; TAFCA Individual.(Double points)

If you want to win it, you will need to enter as many as possible of the above events!



Leaderboard – 2018-19
Please contact me if you spot any errors.   Email: nobleray59@yahoo.com

Congratulations to Ray Flood (1512) Dundee CC for winning the J.R.Chlamers Grand Prix Memorial 2018-19! Ray finished on 23½ points, Declan Shafi (Castlehill); Euan Dawson (Castlehill) & Alastair Dawson (Dundee) all finished in equal 2nd place on 21½ points. In 5th place was Ray Noble (Castlehill) on 18½ points. Ray Noble was the first ever winner of this trophy. All tables updated.

The tables have been updated with the TAFCA Allegro Championships Dundee results (Tues 26th Feb 19). Ray Flood (Dundee) is still top but Alastair Dawson (Dundee) is hot on his heels! There are not many matches left so can Ray hold on? Will Alastair pip him at the post by a nose? Or could it be someone else will sneak past them both on stealth mode? Watch this space….

The tables/standings have been updated with the Kirkcaldy Congress and Perth TAFCA Allegro Championship results. In top spot but only by 1 point is Raymond Flood (Dundee) on 15 points (Yes Ray I know it`s hard to take in!). Colin Young (Castlehill) is in 2nd place on 14 points (What?!). Both players played in the Kirkcaldy Congress and Perth Allegro which does make a big difference (Ray 5½ pts & Colin 4½ pts)!  Indeed Euan Dawson (Castlehill) has been leading from the start but did not play in the last two events and drops down to 4th place on 12½ pts. He has also been overtaken by his dad, Alastair Dawson (Dundee) who is in third place on 13½ pts after his good Perth TAFCA Allegro.


If you are going to play in only a few events, you need to win every time! But if you play in all the events, you can win this event by getting good results every time, but not winning any of them!


Ray Flood and Colin Young prove you don`t have to be high graded to have a chance of winning the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial. That was the way it was designed and the very first winner was Ray Noble (Castlehill) which just proves it works! Mind you David Findlay (Dundee) is the current holder and he is no light weight (grade wise!) which goes to show it`s an open event for all grades!


For the full standings so far: “HERE


After the TAFCA Castlehill, Euan Dawson (Castlehill) leads by 3 points on 12½ points, closely followed by Raymond Flood (Dundee) on 9½ points. In equal third is Alastair Dawson & Tommy Sutherland (both Dundee) on 8½ points.

This competition started in 2012-13 and is in memory of TAFCA`s late president Jim Chalmers (Dundee & Victoria). You get points by playing in J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix events and the player with the most points wins the title and the trophy.

This years Grand Prix events are:

  • TAFCA League matches.
  • TAFCA Allegro Championships (All 5 events).
  • Dundee Chess Congress (Fri 19th-Sun 21st Oct 18).
  • Kirkcaldy Chess Congress (Sat 19th-20th Jan 19)
  • Perth Chess Congress (Fri 8th-Sun 10th feb 19)


So as you can see plenty of events to get points from. In the league you are not in control of playing, but all the other events you choose to enter or not. The more events you play in the better chance you have of becoming the J.R.Chalmers Memorial; Grand Prix Champion 2018-19!

Players are responsible for checking all information. Contact Ray if any discrepancies are noted.


Updated: 13/04/18 (Season 2017-18 Champion D.Findlay (Dundee)

Full Spreadsheet: here.

Well this was a close one this season but congratulations go to David Findlay (Dundee CC) for becoming the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Champion 2017-18. This is the third time David has won the trophy. Defending champion Aaron Gourlay (Junior) (Perth) showed last year was no fluke by finishing in  equal 2nd place in his defense of the title.

Also in equal 2nd along side Aaron & David (Hall) is Declan Shafi (Castlehill) and Ray Flood (Dundee). This goes to show that if you wish to become the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix champion, you need to take part in the Perth & Dundee congresses to have any chance of doing so.

Well played everyone and once again congratulations to David Findlay (Dundee), the J.R.Chalmers GP Champion 2017/18!