J R Chalmers Grand Prix

J R Chalmers Trophy

jimThe J R Chalmers Trophy will be a Grand Prix competition involving, where possible, all of the  major weekend chess congresses in the TAFCA area, plus the TAFCA League & the TAFCA Allegro Individual championships. The weekend chess congresses organised within the TAFCA area, but not run by TAFCA, represent the wide area of influence over the years that Jim Chalmers had in his role as promoter, organiser and in his long standing position as TAFCA President.





All the rules of this event must not add anything to the burden of weekend congress events and their organisers.

1. This competition is open to paid up members of TAFCA affiliated clubs.

2. Entry is automatic when entering a TAFCA designated Grand Prix event.

3. The trophy shall be won by the player who has the highest number of grand prix points.

4. In the event of a tie at the end of the Grand Prix tournament, then the trophy will be shared.

5. Only “Main list” time-control events are eligible. The one exception to this is the TAFCA Individual Allegro Championships,

6. To gain points, a player just enters any of the designated TAFCA Grand Prix events. Grand Prix points will be accumulated throughout the events.

7. You must play a minimum of three games in an event for your score to be eligible for Grand Prix points. (excluding the TAFCA Leagues)

8. Your points score in any of the TAFCA designated events will make up your Grand Prix points. (See rule 9 & rule 10).

9. Half point byes and defaults will not count.

10. TAFCA reserve the right to take any measures to facilitate the smooth running of the J R Chalmers Grand Prix Trophy, and will ensure that the rules and conditions are applied fairly.

11. ELIGIBLE EVENTS; TAFCA league divisions; All 5 TAFCA Individual Allegro championships; Any weekend Congresses in the TAFCA area: ie,  The Dundee Congress; The Perth congress; The Kirkcaldy Congress, etc.

13. Publicity: Information about the Grand Prix will appear on the TAFCA website. There may also be leader board notices at eligible tournaments.

14. Scores: Grand Prix points will be updated on line as soon as the results of an event have been submitted for grading to Chess Scotland. If you think scores are wrong, please contact the Grand Prix organiser immediately.



“Weekend congress” is defined as an event taking place over one weekend.

“Main List” means events taking place with a time control by which it is processed for the main Chess Scotland grading list, ie., not an allegro rated event.

Leaderboard – 2018-19
Full Spreadsheet update: 26/12/18: “HERE
Please contact me if you spot any errors.   Email: nobleray59@yahoo.com

Table updated with league results posted on TAFCA site.

After the TAFCA Castlehill, Euan Dawson (Castlehill) leads by 3 points on 12½ points, closely followed by Raymond Flood (Dundee) on 9½ points. In equal third is Alastair Dawson & Tommy Sutherland (both Dundee) on 8½ points.

This competition started in 2012-13 and is in memory of TAFCA`s late president Jim Chalmers (Dundee & Victoria). You get points by playing in J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix events and the player with the most points wins the title and the trophy.

This years Grand Prix events are:

  • TAFCA League matches.
  • TAFCA Allegro Championships (All 5 events).
  • Dundee Chess Congress (Fri 19th-Sun 21st Oct 18).
  • Kirkcaldy Chess Congress (Sat 19th-20th Jan 19)
  • Perth Chess Congress (Fri 8th-Sun 10th feb 19)


So as you can see plenty of events to get points from. In the league you are not in control of playing, but all the other events you choose to enter or not. The more events you play in the better chance you have of becoming the J.R.Chalmers Memorial; Grand Prix Champion 2018-19!

Players are responsible for checking all information. Contact Ray if any discrepancies are noted.


Updated: 13/04/18 (Season 2017-18 Champion D.Findlay (Dundee)

Full Spreadsheet: here.

Well this was a close one this season but congratulations go to David Findlay (Dundee CC) for becoming the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Champion 2017-18. This is the third time David has won the trophy. Defending champion Aaron Gourlay (Junior) (Perth) showed last year was no fluke by finishing in  equal 2nd place in his defense of the title.

Also in equal 2nd along side Aaron & David (Hall) is Declan Shafi (Castlehill) and Ray Flood (Dundee). This goes to show that if you wish to become the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix champion, you need to take part in the Perth & Dundee congresses to have any chance of doing so.

Well played everyone and once again congratulations to David Findlay (Dundee), the J.R.Chalmers GP Champion 2017/18!

J R Chalmers Grand Prix Roll of Honour

2017-18  –  David J. Findaly (Dundee)
2016-17: – Aaron Gourley J15 (Perth)
2015-16: – David J. Findlay (Dundee)
2014-15: – David J. Findlay (Dundee)
2013-14: – Andrew Burnett (Glenrothes)
2012-13: – Ray Noble (Castlehill, Dundee)