New Format – 2018-19



  1. The TAFCA Allegro Individual Champions will consist of 5 individual Allegro championship nights over 5 nights.
  2. Each event will be an individual championship with a winner on the night.
  3. The player with the most place/bonus points after all 5 championships have taken place will become the TAFCA Individual Allegro Champion.
  4. All nights will be a 5 round Swiss.
  5. Allegro grading`s will be used. If no allegro grade, then estimate or normal grades will be used
  6. All matches will be 15 minutes each player and go for allegro grading.
  7. Normal rules of chess (FIDE) will apply, except were amended by TAFCA for the smooth running of the competition.
  8. ILLEGAL MOVE: The 2nd illegal move made and the game is over with the player making the illegal move losing the match (if claimed!). (1st illegal move made, 2 minutes added to clock if claimed)
  9. POINTS FOR MATCHES: Win=3 point: Draw=1 point; Loss=0 points!
  10. The player with the most match points on the night wins the club trophy.
  11. TAFCA ALLEGRO POINTS: 1st 5 points; 2nd 4 points; 3rd 3 points; 4th 2 points; 5th 1 point
  12. BONUS POINTS: “EVERY” player that turns up will get 1 bonus point.
  13. OVERALL GRAND PRIX WINNER: The player with the most Grand Prix points after all 5 nights will be crowned the TAFCA Individual Allegro Champion.
  14. GRADING WINNERS: There will also be a Grand Prix Overall Winners for best player U1500 & U1250
  15. TIE-BREAK: In the event of a tie, the titles will be shared.
  16. This is a designated “J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix event”. (All matches!)