TAFCA Individual Tournament Rules

  1. The TAFCA Individual will be run as three separate competitions (Entries permitting!).
  • TAFCA Individual Open Championship: (Open to all TAFCA players: You can only be TAFCA Individual champion if you enter the open!)
  • The Presidents Cup (U1650): Open only to TAFCA players 1650 or below. (You cannot be the Individual Champion if you enter this).
  • The Challenge Shield (U1400): Open only to TAFCA players 1400 or below. (You cannot be the Individual Champion or Presidents Cup winner if you enter this).
  • You may only enter one of the above competitions.
  1. ENTRY FEE: Free entry; no prize money involved, just trophies.
  2. FORMAT: Straight Knockout format for all three competitions.
  3. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Entries for the 3 competitions must be in by the last Sunday in October. (You may only enter one of the above competitions)
  4. DRAW: The draw will be done by the Individual organiser using seeded draw (grading order; highest graded player seeded 1 and so forth), with the first named player in each pairing as white. The player with black will have home advantage (The visiting player shall have white.). From then on the home/away & colour draws shall be determined according to the principles of Swiss pairings.
  5. In the event of a draw, the players will play a 30 minute game (15 minutes each player) with colours drawn by lot. If drawn again, the lower graded player wins the match (tie-break).
  6. Failing agreement on a date by players, the Individual organiser (Arbiter) shall fix a date.
  7. The Individual organiser (Arbiter) shall fix a deadline date for each round. All matches will be played on the home player’s club night unless mutually agreed by both players to pick another night! The arbiter must be notified if this is the case by both players.
  8. All games shall be played in accordance with TAFCA league rules.
  9. The use of clocks shall be compulsory and the clock (and equipment!) shall be provided by the home player. The home player is responsible for setting clocks (digital/analogue) properly, In the event of the clocks being set up wrong and a dispute is made over them, the home player will forfeit the game.
  1. RATE OF PLAY: The rate of play shall be “All moves in 90 minutes each player.
  2. In the event of the two players becoming involved in a dispute which cannot be resolved by the players themselves, then the case will be referred to the Individual organiser whose decision will be final.
  1. The Individual organiser shall have the power to alter or modify the foregoing rules in such a manner as he may think necessary for the smooth running of the event.
  2. Any player who withdraws or defaults a game without giving an acceptable explanation to the Individual organiser will not be permitted to play in the Individual the next year.