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The TAFCA Individual is the premier singles event in OTB regular time-controls. It comprises three competitions in one:

  • TAFCA Individual Champion (open)
  • Presidents Cup (U1650)
  • Challenge Shield (U1400)

Usually held as a 2 or 3 day congress style event: 5 round Swiss

Updated: 22/02/24
Season 2023-24

DATE: Fri 16th to Sun 18th Feb 2024
VENUE: Castlehill Chess Club, Dundee (Chaplaincy Centre)

The TAFCA Individual Chess Congress was last held in 2014-15 and David Findlay (Dundee & Victoria) was the champion then. Does this make him the longest reigning TAFCA Individual champion ever!

We had 29 entries which included one guest players, and the event took place at Castlehill Chess Club rooms at the Dundee University, Chaplaincy Centre. Unfortunately, David Findlay was not there to defend his title, but we were honoured to have the current Scottish Champion, Ed Spencer (Dundee) playing!

The event was held over 3 days and was a 5 round Swiss, time-control: 75 minutes + 10 seconds increments.

While everyone was in one section, there were 3 competition trophies to be won:

1: The TAFCA Individual Champion (Open)
2: The Presidents Cup (U1650)
3: The Challenge Shield (U1450)

We also had one grading prize (U1200).

CLUBS (Players)

  • Castlehill CC: 16
  • Dundee CC:   8
  • Perth CC:    2
  • St Andrews CC 2
  • + one guest

Round 1 – Fri 16th Feb 24 – 7pm
We had a couple of big upsets in round one with Trevor Harley (1333) winning quickly against Vladyslav Drabych (1660), after he missed a mate in one! But the big upset, no, shock result, was Ana Belen Otero Seijas (1370) winning against Matthew Deighan (1717)! It looked as if Matthew was winning (work still to do!), while Ana was fighting the clock as well! Mind you, credit to Ana, who kept making it as difficult as possible under time pressure and inexplicably, got her rewards as Matthew had what can only be descripted as a meltdown, to throw pieces and the game away!
What a game, what a finish, what a result by Ana!

All the other matches went to the grading book!

Round 2 – Sat 17th Feb 24 – 11am
Adam Clark (1500)est from Dundee, caused the biggest upset of the tournament with a fantastic fighting draw against Dundee Legend and Scottish Champion 2023, Ed Spencer! It does not get any better than that!

Ana, continued her good form with a nice draw against Ross Brennan (1565), while Lewis Bisset (Dundee) upset the odds against Perth`s John Williamson (1424)

All the other matches went to the grading book!

Round 3 – Sat 17th Feb 24 – 3pm
John Williamson`s bad start to the tournament continued as he lost to unseeded Sean Dick (Castlehill), playing in his first tournament! Ana lost to Euan Murray and Trevor Harley drew with Keith Emery. Vladyslav`s tournament just got worse in a touch move incident, which saw him lose to James Graham (1379)!

After 3 rounds, Jan Klingelhoefer (1974) from Castlehill CC was leading with a perfect start on 3 out of 3! There were 4 players on 2½ points, Ed Spencer, Alastair Dawson (Dundee), Kevin Lee (St Andrews) and to everyone’s amazement, Ray Noble (Castlehill)!

Round 4 – Sat 18th Feb 24 – 11am
Both the big guns met in round 4 on board 1, with Ed Spencer (Dundee) taking the honours against Jan Klingelhoefer (Castlehill)! Alastair Dawson (Dundee) beat Kevin Lee (St Andrews), while Ray Noble lost out to club mate and long-time nemesis, Keith Rose (both Castlehill)!

Iain Seddon (Castlehill) won again to sneak up on the contenders, while Moritz Bogs (Castlehill) also won, this time against Euan Murray (Castlehill), and like Iain, moved closer to the big guns and in with a shout!

Ana, the “upset queen”, did it again as she chewed up and spat out James Anderson (Dundee), to put herself in a strong position going into the last round! There was also a second win for Thor “The hammer” Saemundsson, as he gave Andrew Collins (Dundee) an Icelandic welcome!

Going into the last round the standings:

1=: Ed Spencer (2132) & Alastair Dawson (1764) 3½
3=: Jan Klingelhoefer (1974), Iain Sneddon (1637), Keith Rose (1458) & Moritz Bogs (1120)est.

Now the last round draw is done, taking into account the 3 separate tournaments and trophies that players are playing for and where possible pair the contenders for each section together, so winner takes it all! It made for some interesting pairings, with of course winners and losers!

Round 5 – Sat 18th Feb 24 – 3pm

Alastair Dawson put up a fight against Scottish Champion, Ed Spencer, but had to concede in the end, meaning no matter what happened in other matches, Ed Spencer is the new TAFCA OTB Individual Champion 2024! Well done, Ed!

Jan Klingelhoefer (Castlehill) beat Moritz Bogs (Castlehill) to finish runner-up on 4 points, alongside Iain Sneddon who put an end to Keith Rose`s chances of winning the Presidents Cup!

Iain Sneddon`s (Castlehill) win, also made him the Presidents Cup (U1650) winner, after beating Keith Rose (Castlehill) and Kevin Lee (St Andrews), beating Adam Clark (Dundee), which just goes to show, the pairings worked! Well played Iain!

The battle for the Challenge Shield (U1450) was a brutal one with Moritz Bogs (Castlehill) having to face one of the tournament favourites, and Keith Emery, also up against an out of form top half seed, Mattew Deighan. Both players could not upset the odds, but Keith Emery did get a more than respectable draw!

This left Ana Belen Otero Seijas (Castlehill) and Ray Noble (Castlehill) to fight it out for the Challenge Shield. It was a tough and fair battle, with Ana having the advantage. The match came to an abrupt end when Ray moved his king to a square which gave Ana a mate in one. You should have seen Ray`s face!! Well played Ana!


  • TAFCA Individual Champion: Ed Spencer (Dundee) 4½ pts
  • Presidents Cup (U1650): Iain Sneddon (Castlehill) 4 pts
  • Challenge Shield (U1450): Ana Belen Otero Seijas (Castlehill) 3½ pts

The runners-up were; Jan Klingelhoefer (Castlehill) & Iain Sneddon (Castlehill). The grading prize (U1200) went to Moritz Bogs (Castlehill) in what was a fantastic performance by Moritz!

Thank you all for your support of the TAFCA Individual, and I hope you all had a good time. I have every intention of holding it again in the 2024-25 TAFCA season!

Thank you to Keith Rose for all his help and to everybody who gave a hand putting everything away at the end of the competition!

All the results, standings and J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix table have been updated (Click link`s below).

TAFCA Individual   J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix


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Click the link below for all the results (round 1) & latest round draw (round 2).
Remember the draw may change if something unexpected happens!

TAFCA Individual results & standings

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    1.1 An organiser shall be elected at the AGM. The organiser shall co-opt a sub-committee to assist in the running of the event if they so wish.
    1.2 Except where modified by these rules, FIDE rules of chess will apply.
    1.3 Participation in this event implies acceptance of the events competition rules herein.
    2.1 The event shall endeavour to be self-financing. However TAFCA shall underwrite the event to a limit approved at the AGM. This includes payment of grading fees.
    2.2 An entry fee will be charged for this event.
    3.1 Only players of affiliated TAFCA Clubs (Bona fide) can take part.
    3.2 All players must be fully paid up members of their respective affiliated TAFCA Chess Clubs.
    3.3 While clubs are responsible for their own membership structure, (TAFCA has no say in this matter), TAFCA have the right to ask clubs to confirm if a player is a fully paid up member.
    3.4 TAFCA has the right to refuse entry to anyone without giving a reason.
    4.1 The individual will be a 5 or 6 round Swiss weekend congress style event conducted over two or three days.
    4.2 The pairings will be done either by hand or a computer program using FIDE, Chess Scotland or any other program that meets the pairing criteria.
    4.3 Byes can be requested in the first 4 or 5 rounds (depending if 5 or 6 rounds), but not the last round.
    4.4 Only one bye per player allowed.
    4.5 In the last round King of the Hill pairing where possible will be used in the Presidents Cup and Challenge Shield.
    5.1 TAFCA League time controls will be used, i.e. each player shall have 1 hour 15 minutes + 10 seconds from move one in which to complete the game.
    6.1 Win = 1 point: Draw = ½: Lose = Zero points: Byes requested = ½ point:
    7.1 The players will be sorted in highest points order.
    7.2 The player(s) with the most points at the end of each competitions will be the winners.
    8.1 In the event of a tie, the titles will be shared.
    9.1 There are 3 main sections in this tournament;
    a) TAFCA Individual champion (open event)
    b) President`s cup (under 1650); (grading based)
    c) Challenge shield (under 1400); (grading based)
    9.2 Trophies will be presented after the event has finished for publicity photographs. Then they will be handed back for engraving and presented officially at the A.G.M. (See TAFCA rule book, rules 26.1 & 26.2)
    10.1 Prize money will be subject to entries, but the following winners/places will be allocated prize money.
    a) Individual Champion
    b) Individual Runner-up
    c) President`s cup winner
    d) Challenge shield winner
    10.2 Only if funding allows will grading prizes be given.
    11.1 Players withdrawing on the day before the event will be eligible for a refund, less £5 admin charge.
    12.1 Photographs taken at the event may be used for publicity and record purposes.
    12.2 By entering this event you are deemed to have given permission for us to use any photos taken for publicity purposes (Newspapers, Websites, Facebook, etc) see rule 12.3
    12.3 Any objections to this policy should be notified to the event organiser prior to the event taking place.
    13.1 The Organisers/Arbiter’s decision is final in all matters. No appeals will be entertained.
    14.1 The organisers (TAFCA) have the right to take any measures to ensure the smooth running of the event.
    15.1 The TAFCA OTB Individual is a designated J.R.Chalmers Memorial Grand Prix event (See rules on the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix)