TAFCA Time Handicap Knockout 2023-24

UPDATED: 17/11/22

The TAFCA Time Handicap Knockout has been running in its present format for a while now. It has not been played for two years while the pandemic was on, but will be back for the 2022-23 season! As the title says, it’s a handicap tournament designed to give the under dog a chance!

FORMAT (see rules for more info)

  • Straight Knockout draw.
  • The initial Time-Control for each player before handicap: 30 minutes each.
  • Time handicap: For every 25 points difference (to a maximum of 600 points), one minute will be deducted from the higher graded player’s time allowance and one minute added to the lowest graded player’s allowance.
  • The team left after everybody else is knockout out is the winner!

Updated: 26/04/24 – 08:52 hrs

Congratulations to Dundee City A on winning the TAFCA Team Knockout Cup 2023-24. Newport Knights A finish as runners-up spot after putting up a good fight. Well done to both teams for getting this far in a tough format!

The semi-finals have at last been completed and congratulations to Newport Knights A & Dundee A for reaching the final! Deadline for final is Fri 12th April 24. Good luck to both teams!

The Q/Finals have been completed and congratulations to all four teams that are in the S/Finals! Deadline for S/F, Fri 10th Mar 24.

The prelims are completed and we are now into the Q/Final`s! Two have been played, with two remaining. Deadline for Q/F matches, Fri 26th Jan 24.

The draw for the 2023-24 Knockout has now been done and deadline dates set! Please, captains contact your opposing captain ASAP and set a date! It`s a very tight chess calendar!

04/04/23: Congratulations to Perth A who after an epic battle with St Andrews A in the final, are crowned the TAFCA Time Handicap Champions 2022-23! Well done!

19/02/23: Congratulations to St.Andrews Uni A for reaching the final after ripping Castlehill B apart! Good luck to the 2 finalists, Perth A v St.Andrews Uni A!

11/02/23: Congratulations to Perth A, reaching the final after beating the reigning champions Dundee A on tie-break!

24/01/23: Congratulations to Perth A, Dundee A, Castlehill B & St.Andrews A for reaching the semi-final stages of the TAFCA Time Handicap Knockout! Semi-finals to be played by Fri 24th Feb 23.

17/11/22: Only one prelim left to play and we will be into the Q/Finals!

The draw for Time-Handicap Knockout for this season (2022-23) has been done and is now up on the website. Twelve teams have entered this season, which given it`s our first OTB season in two years is a good entry! (Check out draw tab!)

Updated: 26/04/24 – 08:52 hrs

SEASON 2023-24

Click the link below to take you to the TAFCA Knockout draw and results as they happen for 2022-23!

Knockout Draw 23-24


SEASON 2022-23

Congratulations to Perth A, the 2022-23 TAFCA Time Handicap Knockout Champions!

Click the link below to take you to the TAFCA Knockout draw and results as they happen for 2022-23!

Knockout Draw

Updated: 27/06/22
1.1. The Competition will be conducted by a pre-arranged draw. Each team will be allocated a number, to be drawn
by lot, which will remain with that team throughout the Competition.
1.2. Clubs entering a team or teams in the TAFCA League shall be entitled to enter teams in the Knockout
Competition. There shall be no entry fee.
1.3. The current CHESS SCOTLAND “Rapidplay Rules” shall apply.
2.1. The pairings shall be determined by ballot. In the first round the lower numbered team in each pairing shall
have the home draw. In subsequent rounds, home and away draws for each team shall be balanced in
accordance with the principles of colour determination in Swiss pairings. Where both teams were given a bye
in the first round then the lowered numbered team in the second round pairing shall have the home draw.
When both teams have had the same home\away sequence, the lower numbered team shall receive the draw
that better fits its sequence.
2.2. Round dates will be set aside in the League Fixture List. Matches must be played on or before the appropriate
round date, unless both teams obtain approval from the Fixture Secretary. The match must then be played
within seven days of the round date.
2.3. Subject to K.O. Rule 2.2, matches not played by the round date will result in both teams being disqualified.
2.4. By the 30th September each club entering the Knockout competition must supply the Fixture Secretary with
the name, address and telephone number of a captain (or contact) for each team entered.
3.1. Clubs can enter more than one team and their teams do not have to be in any grading order. But the players in
each team must play in grading order.
3.2. A team can use no more than 6 players during the course of the season. The first four players to play are the
team’s first nominations. The penalty for violation of this Rule will be the loss of the match by the team
concerned. The opposing team will then progress to the next round.
3.3. No player may play for more than one team in this Competition except that any player from a team that has
been knocked out of the Competition may play ONE game for any team of the same club, in any round after the
round in which they were knocked out. The penalty for violation of this Rule will be the loss of the match by the
team concerned. The opposing team will then progress to the next round.
3.4. Teams must be in grading order, with the highest graded player on Board 1, second highest on Board 2, third
highest on Board 3.
3.5. If a default occurs on boards 1, 2 or 3 then, in the second game of the match, players of the defaulting team
shall move up to fill the defaulted board(s).
3.6. Normal grades will be used.
3.7. If a team plays the match with 1 player short, they lose 2-0 on board 4. If a team plays the match with 2
players short, they lose 4-0 on boards 3 & 4. If a team plays the match with 3 players short, they lose 6-0 on
boards 2, 3 & 4.
3.8. Starting time for the match will be 7.30 p.m. unless mutually agreed otherwise.
4.1. Clocks must be used. Each game will last a maximum of sixty minutes.
4.2. Each player will play two games against the same opponent; one with each colour.
15 June2020
4.3. The away team will have white on Boards 1 and 3 in the first game, with colours reversed in the second game.
In the event of a tied score, the match will be resolved by adding the gradings of all players in each team and
the team with the lowest total wins the tie-break
The match result should be reported in the same manner as in League matches, except that each player will
have 2 results that should be indicated as follows:
N. Other 1,0 – 0,1 H.I.S. Cousin, and the total points gained by each team at the bottom.
The handicap system operates as follows:
Each player will have a nominal starting allowance of thirty minutes. The normal gradings of the two players
will be compared, and for every full twenty-five point difference (to a maximum of 600 points) one minute
will be deducted from the higher-graded player’s allowance and one minute added to the lower-graded
player’s allowance. Ungraded players must be given a realistic estimated grading which must not be less
than 1100.

1. Difference of 100 points, higher-graded player gets 30 – 4 = 26 minutes, lower-graded player
gets 30 + 4 = 34 minutes;
2. Difference of 600 points, higher-graded player gets 30 – 24 = 6 minutes, lower-graded player
gets 30 + 26 = 56 minutes.