Well here we go with a new chapter in TAFCA history as we start playing chess competitions “ONLINE”!

The online league starts on Tuesday 7th July 20 with the division two clash between Dundee Centrosaurus` & Dundee Datousaurus`. The league finishes on Thursday 8th October 20, and then on Monday 12th October 20, we will hold a team Jamboree with all teams playing on the night!

Under the main menu heading (top) “TAFCA Online” you will find all the information you will need on the TAFCA League Online! Just hover over menu and checkout the sub-menus.

  • TAFCA League Online News
    (All the latest news on our online league!)
  • Fixtures – Results – Tables – Team & Player info
    ( Here you will find the fixtures for the league, all match results, the league tables and all info pertaining to team and players including usernames, etc)
  • Matches on plus Links
    (The match card online with what teams are playing, what board a player is on and who the players are playing against, including usernames! Not only that, there will be links to every match on so you can keep an eye on them if you wish). COOL!
  • Guides
    (To help players not familiar with using Lichess we have a series of guides for Captains and Players. You will also find the online rules here as well and a guide for using lichess. They are all downloadable and printable. Not only that you will also find “VIDEO GUIDES” on Making a Challenging, accepting a challenge and much more.)

You should all be familiar with the rules as the TAFCA League Online will be run the same way as the OTB TAFCA League, but with a few minor changes to accommodate the fact we are playing online (See rules & guides).

Your captain will be in touch when the time comes for you to play and give you all the info you need to play your game. You can also find it on this website under “TAFCA ONLINE!”


(Rules numbering used as in official TAFCA League Online rules)

1.1: All matches will be played on “lichess.org”
9.1: Any change of the match fixtures must be notified to the league controller immediately by the captain requesting the rearrangement.
9.2: Matches between teams of the same club may not be postponed by more than seven days. Matches between teams of different clubs may not be postponed by more than two weeks. (see rule 9.3)
9.3: Rearranged matches between teams with both captains consent can be played anytime between Mon to Thurs. (subject to rule 9.2). The home team can insist on it being their designated club night only.
9.4: Prior to the commencement of the season, and not later than 7 days prior to the first published fixtures, either team of any fixture (except those covered by 9.2) may insist on a change to the date set down in the fixture list. The new date must be mutually agreed and arranged in accordance with rule
9.5: After the commencement of the season postponements may only be by mutual agreement. A team requesting postponement shall have no right to insist on a postponement. Disputes in such cases must be referred to the League controller who shall have the final say.
9.6: When a postponement has been agreed it shall be the responsibility of the captain requesting that postponement to offer and agree an alternative date with the other captain, subject to rules 9.2 & 9.3. Both captains must immediately inform the League controller of the new arrangement. Failure to comply with this rule will result in default by the offending team. (see rule 8.2)

13.1: Play commences at 7.30 p.m.
13.2: If a players does not except or make the challenge (see rule 14.6) by 7:45pm, the offending player will be defaulted. (see rules 19)

13.3: A player cannot claim a default for no show of opponent until 7:45pm.
13.4: In exceptional circumstances the captains can agree to re-play the match in accordance with rules 9.2; 9.2 & 9.3.
13.5: A captain can appeal to league controller in exceptional circumstance to request a game being replayed. League controllers decision final subject to rule 21.2.


14.1: Captains must submit their team list by email to league controller no later than 7:30pm the night before the match. (This will be by email for now:
( tafcaonline@gmail.com )

14.2: The league controller will email both captains with team lists and handles and any other relevant info no later than 1pm on day of match.

14.3: A team list may only be changed after the deadline specified in 14.2 if:
(a) – The opposing captain agrees that the team composition may be amended.
(b) – There was an administrative error by league controller when emailing captains with team     lists.
(c) – Any protest about the composition of a team must be made before the scheduled start of the round.


14.4: Team captains are responsible for making sure all their players are online and ready to play by 7:30pm.


14.5: If any named player fails to take part, then that board must be clearly marked “default” when emailing results to league controller.


14.6: The player with white side is the one responsible for initiating the challenge to his opponent. (see guide to playing matches on Lichess)

14.7: Known defaults must be on the lowest boards.

15.1: Lichess Online Clocks must be used in all games.


15.2: The player with white is responsible for setting the time-control and correct time for match on lichess when making the challenge (see Guide to playing matches on Lichess!)

17: TIME

17.1: All moves in 45 minutes plus 15 seconds per move from move 1, each player.

18.1: All players must report the result of their individual match to their respective team captain as soon as the match is completed.

18.2: The result of the match, containing full details of the match, must be emailed by both team captains within 5 days following the match to league controller. (This will be by email for now:( tafcaonline@gmail.com )


18.3: Submission of match results must not be delayed. Where the result is not received by the league controller within the appointed time, the team who has not sent in result shall be penalised 1 match point.


20.1: It is illegal to use computer software of any kind. Any player deemed to have used said software will be barred from TAFCA in all forms. (Subject to rule 21.2)



21.1: The league controller may apply penalties as they see fit for any flagrant or premeditated breaches of the spirit as well as the letter of the rules.

21.2: An appeal against a decision by the league controller may be made to the TAFCA committee. Notice of such an appeal must be made in writing and received within four days of the original decision.