UPDATED: 20/09/23


This will be the Major Singles Online Championship with 5 rounds.
Swiss pairing will be used and Sundays will be the designated deadline.

MAIN POINTS (See rules for more details)

  • To enter email tafcaonline@gmail.com or nobleray59@yahoo.com and ask to enter stating your name and club.
  • 5 Round Swiss
  • Time-Controls: 45 minutes + 15 seconds increments
  • Designated deadline date “SUNDAYS
    (But players can play/arrange any day/night or time that suits both players as long as it`s before or on the deadline date for each round.)
    Please check All rules under 3.FORMAT for more details.
  • Win = 1 point; Draw = ½ point: Loss = Zero points:
  • Round 1: Sun 3rd Dec 23:
  • Round 2: Sun   21st Jan 24:
  • Round 3: Sun 3rd Mar 24:
  • Round 4: Sun 31st Mar 24:
  • Round 5: Sun 28th Apr 24:

UPDATED: 25/04/24 – 10:17 hrs

SEASON 2023-24

Round Five: We have a 4-way tie for the title on 4 points! Congratulations to David Findlay, Ed Spencer (Dundee), Rishi Vijayakumar & Andre Babin (Castlehill) on becoming the joint TAFCA Online Singles Champions 2023-24! Now I never seen that one coming!

Round Four: With Rishi Vijayakumar, drawing and Ed Spencer,  winning, both find themselves on the same points and must do battle in the last round to find a winner, or let others tie with them for the title!  Round 5 draw now up!

Round three: Rishi Vijayakumar leads the way after a couple of shock results in round 3! Round 4 draw now up!

Round two draw now up on website! All matches to be played by Sun 21st Jan 24

Round one draw now done! All matches must be/on completed by Sun 3rd Dec 23.

SEASON 22-23 (1st season ever!)

Congratulations to David Findlay on becoming the 1st ever TAFCA Online Singles Championship 2022-23!


ROUND 5 (Last): To be played by Sunday 16th April 2023
The link to the draw is up on the website. You can also checkout all previous results and current standings.

Once again no shock results in round 4! Two players sit on the full 4 points and meet each other in the deciding 5th round. Fittingly it`s the number 1 & 2 seeded players who face each other!

Will it be David Findlay (Dundee) or Ed Spencer (Dundee) who take the title? Battle of the Titians!

Good luck!

  • TAFCA ONLINE Singles Championships 2022-23 5th round draw “HERE
  • Players names & Lichess Usernames “HERE


ROUND 4: To be played by Sunday 19th March 2023

The link to the draw is up on the website. You can also checkout all the previous results of past rounds and standings. No shock results for round 3. We have 3 players on full points going into round 4!
The deadline for round 4 is Sunday 19th March 23.

Good luck!

  • TAFCA ONLINE Singles Championships 2022-23 4th round draw “HERE
  • Players names & Lichess Usernames “HERE


ROUND 2: To be played by Sunday 8th January 2023

The draw is now up for round two. you can also check the round one results and standings so far. All round two matches to be  played by Sun 8th Jan 23. Click link below to find the 2nd round draw and other info (play around with the interface you will do no harm!).

Good luck!

  • TAFCA ONLINE Singles Championships 2022-23 2nd round draw “HERE
  • Players names & Lichess Usernames “HERE


We have 22 players entered so far with the possibility of late entries still to come! The first round draw is now up on Chess-Results website and both players must make the effort to contact (email) their opponents and make arrangements for the match (Keep me in email loop). Chess Scotland normal gradings are used for this tournament pairings.

Good luck!

Round 1 deadline 03/12/23

1Jackson Robert 1575robertjackson00 - 10finlidorFindlay David 2163
2Spencer Ed 2132hedgehog11001 - 00CyclingChessplayerBrennan Ross 1565
3Caldow Ian 1398ianmcaldow00 - 10easilyconfusedBabin Andre 1897
4Kynoch Richard 1869DoktorAvalanche0½ - ½0FrankieThekingPolignano Francesco 1359
5Duff Stuart 1342Saturnitus00 - 10aliborBorwell Alan 1845
6Hughes Rhian 1844 WFMRhughes12300 - 10LyrurusHarley Trevor 1333
7Thomas Gordon 1292TayViewMan0½ - ½0jnt18Thiel Jan 1700
8Waugh Norman 1158nwaugh00 - 10EuphiletosCrofts Joshua 1629
9Hughes Lloyd 1697GPLDH01 - 00FirthcilgerranFirth Judith
10McLeod Alisdair 1622Arcticon_Tiger0W - L0BlackbishSelbie Peter 1220
11Moore ChrisBaggpipes00 - 10UtterbawbagRowe Andy 1596
12Deshpande, Anay 1074anaydeshpande0600 - 10NoblerayNoble, Ray 1432

Round 2 deadline: Sun 21st Jan 24

1Findlay David 2163finlidor1½ - ½1EuphiletosCrofts Joshua 1629
2Rowe Andy 1596Utterbawbag10 - 11hedgehog110Spencer Ed 2132
3Babin Andre 1897easilyconfused11 - 01Arcticon_TigerMcLeod Alisdair 1622
4Borwell Alan 1845alibor10 - 11GPLDHHughes Lloyd 1697
5Harley Trevor 1333Lyrurus10 - 11robertjacksonJackson Robert 1575
6Vijayakumar, Rishi 1909djinjago11 - 01NoblerayNoble, Ray 1432
7Thiel Jan 1700jnt18½½ - ½½DoktorAvalancheKynoch Richard 1869
8Polignano Francesco 1359FrankieTheking½1 - 0½TayViewManThomas Gordon 1292
9Selbie Peter 1220Blackbish00 - 10Rhughes123Hughes Rhian 1844
10Waugh Norman 1158nwaugh00 - 10DancesWithTheDevilHackney, Leyton 1561
11Brennan Ross 1565CyclingChessplayer01 - 00anaydeshpandeDeshpande Anay 1074
12Moore ChrisBaggpipes00 - 10SaturnitusDuff Stuart 1342
13Firth JudithFirthcilgerran00 - 10ianmcaldowCaldow Ian 1398

Round  deadline: Sun 3rd March 24

1Spencer Ed 2132hedgehog1102½ - ½2easilyconfusedBabin Andre 1897
2Hughes Lloyd 1697GPLDH2v2VengeDecerHa-eedVijayakumar Rishi 1909
3Crofts Joshua 1629Euphiletos0 - 1FrankieThekingPolignano Francesco 1359
4Kynoch Richard 1869DoktorAvalanche1½ - ½finlidorFindlay David 2163
5Hackney Leyton 1561DancesWithTheDevil1W - L1aliborBorwell Alan 1845
6Noble Ray 1432Nobleray10 - 11jnt18Thiel Jan 1700
7McLeod Alisdair 1622Arcticon_Tiger11 - 01LyrurusHarley Trevor 1333
8Caldow Ian 1398ianmcaldow10 - 11UtterbawbagRowe Andy 1596
9Jackson Robert 1575robertjackson10 - 11SaturnitusDuff Stuart 1342
10WFM Hughes, Rhian 1844Rhughes12310 - 11CyclingChessplayerBrennan Ross 1565
11Thomas Gordon 1292TayViewMan½1 - 00BlackbishSelbie Peter 1220
12Firth JudithFirthcilgerran00 - 10nwaughWaugh Norman 1158
13Deshpande Anay 1074anaydeshpande0v0BaggpipesMoore Chris

Round deadline date: Sun 31st March 24

1Babin Andre 1897easilyconfused½ - ½3VengeDecerHa-eedVijayakumar Rishi 1909
2Polignano Francesco 1359FrankieTheking0 - 1hedgehog110Spencer Ed 2132
3Findlay David 2163finlidor21 - 02UtterbawbagRowe Andy 1596
4Thiel Jan 1700jnt1820 - 12DancesWithTheDevilHackney Leyton 1561
5Brennan Ross 1565CyclingChessplayer21 - 02GPLDHHughes Lloyd 1697
6Duff Stuart 1342Saturnitus21 - 02Arcticon_TigerMcLeod Alisdair 1622
7Crofts Joshua 1629Euphiletos1 - 0TayViewManThomas Gordon 1292
9Deshpande Anay 1074anaydeshpande10 - 11robertjacksonJackson Robert 1575
10Noble Ray 1432Nobleray11 - 01nwaughWaugh Norman 1158
11Harley Trevor 1333Lyrurus10 - 11ianmcaldowCaldow Ian 1398
12Selbie Peter 1220Blackbish01 - 00FirthcilgerranFirth Judith

Round deadline date: Sun 28th April 24

1Vijayakumar Rishi 1909VengeDecerHa-eed½ - ½hedgehog110Spencer Ed 2132
2Brennan Ross 1565CyclingChessplayer30 - 13finlidorFindlay David 2163
3Hackney Leyton 1561DancesWithTheDevil30 - 13easilyconfusedBabin Andre 1897
4Duff Stuart 1342Saturnitus30 - 1EuphiletosCrofts Joshua 1629
5McLeod Alisdair 1622Arcticon_Tiger21 - 0FrankieThekingPolignano Francesco 1359
6Jackson Robert 1575robertjackson2½ - ½2DoktorAvalancheKynoch Richard 1869
7Caldow Ian 1398ianmcaldow21 - 02jnt18Thiel Jan 1700
8Rowe Andy 1596Utterbawbag2½ - ½2NoblerayNoble Ray 1432
9Thomas Gordon 1292TayViewMan1 - 0Rhughes123Hughes Rhian 1844
10Waugh Norman 1158nwaugh10 - 11LyrurusHarley Trevor 1333
11Selbie Peter 1220Blackbish11 - 01BaggpipesMoore Chris
12Firth JudithFirthcilgerran00 - 11anaydeshpandeDeshpande Anay 1074

Updated: 28/04/24
After 5 round (last – finished)

1=David Findlay2163Dundee410.50.511
1=Ed Spencer2132Dundee4110.510.5
1=Vijayakumar, Rishi1909Castlehill41110.50.5
1=Andre Babin1897Castlehill4110.50.51
5Crofts, Joshua1629Dundee3.510.5011
6=Alisdair McLeod1622Castlehill310101
6=Ross Brennan1565Castlehill301110
6=Hackney, Leyton1561Castlehill301110
6=Ian Caldow1398Perth301011
6=Stuart Duff1342Castlehill301110
11=Richard Kynoch1869Castlehill2.
11=Andy Rowe1596Castlehill2.510100.5
11=Robert Jackson1575Castlehill2.501010.5
11=Ray Noble1431Castlehill2.510010.5
11=Francesco Polignano1359Castlehill2.50.51100
11=Gordon Thomas1292Castlehill2.50.50101
17=Jan Thiel1700St.Andrews20.50.5100
17=Lloyd Hughes1697Newport Knights21100
17=Trevor Harley1333Castlehill210001
17=Peter Selbie1270Kirkcaldy200011
17=Anay Deshpande J71074Castlehill200101
22Rhian Hughes WFM1844Newport Knights1.50100.50
23=Norman Waugh1158Castlehill100100
23=Chris MooreCastlehill100010
25Judith FirthCastlehill000000

UPDATED: 25/07/22


    The competition will be played on Lichess.org platform website
    1.2 Except where modified by these rules, FIDE rules of chess will apply.
    1.3 Participation in this event implies acceptance of the events competition rules herein.
    Only players of affiliated TAFCA Clubs can take part.
    2.2 All players must be fully paid up members of their respective affiliated TAFCA chess club.
    2.3 While clubs are responsible for their own membership structure, (TAFCA has no say in this matter), TAFCA have the right to ask clubs to confirm if a player is a fully paid up member.
    2.4 All players must be registered with the “TAFCA League Online” Lichess page.
    2.5 If you are not registered, you cannot play in this tournament.
    2.6 TAFCA has the right to refuse entry to anyone without giving a reason.
    2.7 If your Lichess account is closed by Lichess, you will not be eligible to play and must contact the TAFCA committee immediately to sort out. (see also Fair-Play policy)
    The TAFCA Singles Championship Online is a 5 round Swiss event.
    3.2 The draw will be made by the competition organiser and emailed to players and put on the TAFCA website.
    3.2 BOTH player`s are responsible for arranging their own matches by the deadline date.
    3.3 All matches must take place on the Lichess.org platform.
    3.4 The designated night to play the match is a Sunday. Players can play on another night if they both agree. Players can agree any time for the match to start. If no agreement can be reached, the default of Sunday 7:30pm will be enforced.
    3.5 Any player not playing their match by deadline date will be defaulted unless they have given the organiser a good reason for the match not taking place.
    3.6 Repeated defaults will be dealt with by withdrawing the offending player(s) from the competition.
    3.7 After the deadline, the next round will be drawn.
    3.8 Chess Scotland Normal grades will be used. If ungraded, an estimate must be given.
    3.9 Take-Back Requests: You are not allowed to ask for, or agree to take back a move even in error.
  4. BYES
    Any player may request a ½ point bye in any round, except the last round.
    5.1 All moves in 45 minutes + 15 seconds increments from move one both player.
    Win = 1 point: Draw = ½ point; Loss = 0 points.
    Player`s will be placed in highest points order, with the player with the most points after the 5 rounds becoming champion.
  8. TIE-BREAK: In the event of a tie, the titles will be shared.
    .1 A one off trophy will be awarded for the following place:
    a) TAFCA Singles Champion Online.
    9.2 The trophy will be presented at our TAFCA AGM.
    9.3 If not present, the trophy will be handed to the respective clubs to pass on.
    If any disputes arise it is hoped players can work it out without coming to the committee.
    10.2 Any disputes that cannot be resolved on the night should be referred to the competition organiser in writing or email with full details of dispute within 5 days of the dispute.
    The organiser’s decision is final, but an appeal can be made to the full committee.
    All appeals must be submitted in writing or email to the General Secretary, giving the basis of the appeal, and not later than 7 days after the end of the season. Each appeal must be accompanied by a remittance for £10 which will be returned if appeal is successful.
    11.2 An appeal shall be heard ASAP or at the next scheduled Committee meeting, or within 21 days of the season ending, whichever is the sooner. The appellant shall be required to attend this meeting. Failure to do so will result in the appeal being dismissed. No further appeals shall be permitted.

    The organisers (TAFCA) have the right to take measures to ensure the smooth running of the event.