The TAFCA Team Battle online started as a trial in 2020-21 during the pandemic. It proved so popular that we decided to hold it as an official TAFCA event in 2021-22. It was passed at the TAFCA AGM in May 22 to make it a permanent edition to the TAFCA Online calendar!


  • One night event
  • Time-control: 5 minutes + 3 seconds increments from move 1.
  • Lichess Arena team/individual event.
  • Starts at 7:30pm, ends 9pm.
  • The team & individual with the most points at the end are declared champions!

UPDATED: 17/01/24

Tuesday 16th January 2024, 7:30pm to 9pm
On Lichess.org – TAFCA League Online

Congratulations to Dundee Chess Club on winning the 3rd TAFCA Team Battle 2023-24! They were the strongest side by a mile and deserved the title! Castlehill Chess Club finished in runners-up spot a good few points behind Dundee! This year as I knew there could be problems with some clubs, we made it one team per club to try and help, but unfortunately, it did not!

1st: Dundee Chess Club:  88 pts – Champions
2nd: Castlehill Chess Club: 60 pts
3rd: Kirkcaldy Chess Club: 8 pts
4th: Perth Chess Club: 5 pts

In all we had 29 players involved, but unfortunately only 4 teams took part (two teams no show) and two, only had one player each!

1. Castlehill CC: 18
2. Dundee CC: 9
3. Kirkcaldy CC: 1
4. Perth CC: 1
5. Newport Knights CC: 0
6. St Andrews CC: 0

Castlehill Chess Club had more players than the other teams combined and this caused a big problem pairing wise as there was not enough players from the other sides to give everybody from Castlehill Chess Club a game! The Castlehill lower graded/junior players suffered the most with at least 3 only getting to play one game in 90 minutes. Disappointing to say the least. We will need to address this matter before the next event! Apologies to those affected.

Congratulations also go to Joshua Crofts (Dundee) on taking the honours in the TAFCA Individual battle finishing top of the heap on 14 points!

1st: Joshua Crofts (Dundee) – 14 pts
2nd: Ed Spencer (Dundee) – 13 pts
3rd=: David Findlay & Jonathan Kinnell – 12 pts

The top Castlehill players were, Andre Babin & Graham Mooney on 10 pts each.

Thank you to all the players who supported us on the night, including the lone wolf`s, Peter Selbie (Kirkcaldy) & Ian Caldow (Perth)!

For all the results, standings and matches, click the tab marked “TABLES” for all the info.

Once again, congratulations to Dundee Chess Club and Joshua Crofts (Dundee) on a magnificent night!

See you (and hopefully more) next season!


Tuesday 10th January 2023, 7:30pm to 9pm
On Lichess.org – TAFCA League Online

This is only the 2nd official TAFCA Team Battle and the defending champions were Castlehill A who just piped Dundee A last year are defending their title. Also defending his individual title is Richard Polaczek IM (Castlehill).

Six teams entered this season, with three from Castlehill and one each from Dundee, Kirkcaldy & St.Andrews Uni. On lichess grading, St.Andrews A were the top seeded team (see below)

1. St.Andrews A (2148) 5 players
2. Castlehill A (2101) 8 players
3. Dundee A (1852) 9 players
4. Castlehill B (1733) 9 players
5. Kirkcaldy A (1497) 3 players
6. Castlehill C (1344) 6 players

This was a 5 round Swiss, 15 minutes each player, and runs for 1 hour 30 minutes only. Once the clock hits 9pm, any games in progress will carry on but will not count towards the score. The top 4 scoring players from each team provide the points for their team (on lichess they are called leaders). We had hoped to make it 5 players but one team had call-offs and were down to 3 players, so 4 it was!

Every player had a role to play, to score as many points as possible, to beat as many players from the other teams as possible and in truth, even if losing, keep the game going right to the end so their opponents play less games within that 90 minutes, it all helps!

It was an exciting night’s chess and despite being online, you could feel the atmosphere! Dundee A got off to a flying start and held the lead for the first 45 minutes or more, only for Castlehill A to start closing the gap in the final 10 – 15 minutes, then suddenly pull out in front by 6 points. With the clock ticking down to zero, we had no way of knowing if there would be a flurry of last minute results coming in to change the leader board?

Congratulations to Castlehill A who held off the challenge of Dundee A & St.Andrews A to take the TAFCA Team Battle online title for the second year in a row! Dundee A put up a valiant effort but had to settle for 2nd place again. Top seeds St.Andrews A finished in 3rd place.


1.Castlehill A 54 points
2.Dundee A 48 points
3.St.Andrews A 42 points
4.Castlehill B 34 points
5.Kirkcaldy A 21 points
6.Castlehill C 16 points

In the individual battle, Richard Polaczek IM (Castlehill) did indeed defend his title with 16 points, but he was joined in equal first place by Rishi Vijayakumar J11 (Castlehill) and Ed Spencer (Dundee), both also on 16 points!

Congratulations to all three players! Richard Polaczek IM and Rishi Vijayakumar had both played 9 matches with only one loss each, but Ed Spencer did get the chance to take the title outright as he managed to play a 10th match, but unfortunately for him he lost it (two losses out of 10 matches), oh so close!


For all the results, standings and matches played, click the tab marked “TABLES”  to take you to the tournament on Lichess.

Thank you to all the TAFCA chess clubs involved and their players for supporting us on the night. I hope you all enjoyed the night. Also thank you to Lichess for providing the online platform to play this competition.

Once again congratulations to Castlehill A for their win and Richard Polaczek IM, Ed Spencer and Rishi Vijayakumar J11 for becoming the TAFCA Team Individual Champions!

We shall do this all again in 2022-23 season!

TAFCA TEAM BATTLE (End of the show, show!)
Congratulations to Castlehill A (Richard Polaczek IM; Declan Shafi; Andre Babin & Graham Mooney) on winning the first official TAFCA Team Battle competition 2021-22! It was a dominating performance and well deserved on the night! In all 9 teams took part ( Castlehill A; B; C & D; Dundee A & B; St.Andrews A; Kirkcaldy A & Perth A) in this Lichess Arena event lasting 1 hour & 30 minutes, time control, 5 minutes + 3 seconds increments.

St.Andrews Uni A ( a mix of the A & B teams) did a fantastic job of finishing runners-up, just ahead of Dundee A (Winners of the test trial run in 2020), with Perth A taking a gallant 4th place!

Castlehill`s very own Richard Polaczek IM won the individual title on 18 points, with Andre Babin (Castlehill) in runners-up place on 14 points. Indeed Castlehill had 4 players in the top 5 places, along side Junior Max Whisson J15 (Dundee) who had one hell of a tournament and was in danger of a nose bleed! Well played Max!

This turned out to be a most enjoyable competition and hopefully will become a permeant fixture in the TAFCA Calendar.

Thank you to all the Chess Clubs, team`s and players that supported this event and make it a great success on the night!

See you all next year!

Updated: 07/01/24

2023-24 Season Final Standings 



UPDATED: 25/07/22

(Incorporating the Individual title)


    The competition is run on the lichess.org platform website.
    1.2 Except where modified by these rules, FIDE rules of chess will apply.
    1.3 Participation in this event implies acceptance of the event`s competition rules herein.
    Lichess are the sole organisers of the tournament once it gets under way.
    TAFCA has no control of the tournament once it starts.
    1.6 Lichess Team Battle rules apply (See lichess website for “FULL” details).
    Only players of affiliated TAFCA clubs can take part.
    2.2 All players must be fully paid up members of their respective affiliated TAFCA chess club.
    2.3 While clubs are responsible for their own membership structure, (TAFCA has no say in this matter), TAFCA have the right to ask clubs to confirm if a player is a fully paid up member.
    2.4 All players must be registered with the “TAFCA League Online” Lichess page.
    2.5 If you are not registered, or try to register just before the tournament starts, you maybe disappointed and not able to gain entry to the event! It’s your responsibility as a player to register well in advance!
    2.6 TAFCA and Lichess have the right to refuse entry to anyone without giving a reason.
    2.7 If your Lichess account is closed by Lichess, you will not be eligible to play and must contact the TAFCA committee immediately to try and sort it out. (See also Fair-Play policy).
    Teams where possible will be the same as the TAFCA league teams, or a mix of any players from your club. (see 3.2)
    Clubs can enter as TAFCA League teams (Castlehill A, B, etc), or as a Chess Club (Newport Knights A, Perth A, etc).
    3.3 Teams should consist of a minimum of 4 players, but can play with three players, but this will have an impact on their scores.
    3.4 A player can only play for one team or club.
    3.5 Leaders: A team can have up to 20 players: A limit on the number of players (leaders) per team will be set depending on team numbers. A team score is made up of the highest scoring players only, with the number of players (called leaders) set per team (1 or 2 or 3, etc). This is to off-set any unfair advantage team`s with more players would have.
    The TAFCA Team Battle will held on one designated night with a Team and Individual winner decided on the night.
    4.2 Players register on the night on the “TAFCA League Online” Lichess page.
    4.3 The set time for the tournament is: 1 hour and 30 minutes. The tournament ends after that time has elapsed.
    a) Start time: 7:30pm (19:30 hrs)
    b) End time: 9:00pm (21:00 hrs)
    4.4 The pairings will be done automatically by Lichess.org.
    4.5 Each player will be paired in the first round based on their Lichess Blitz grades.
    4.6 After you have finished your match, you press “return to lobby” and you will be paired ASAP with a player close to your ranking. This ensures minimum waiting time for a game.
    4.7 You may play the same player more than once:
    4.8 You will never play a player from your own team.
    4.9 Players can take a break at any time and as many times as they wish by clicking the “PAUSE” button. Players can re-join the action by clicking the “JOIN” button.
    4.10 Players can leave the competition at anytime, but remember this may have an impact on your teams score.
    4.11 Lichess Blitz ratings will be used.
    4.12 Take-Back Requests: You are not allowed to ask for, or agree to take back a move even in error.
    The time-Control is 5 minutes + 3 seconds increments from move one.
    5.2 There is a countdown clock for the whole tournament and it starts counting down from 1 hour & 30 minutes when the tournament starts.
    5.3 Once the countdown clock reaches zero the tournament ends and the results and standing are frozen.
    5.4 Any games in progress when the countdown clock reaches zero do not count, but must be completed.
    There is a countdown clock for your first move in a game (White & Black). Failing to make a move within this time will result in a forfeit of the match to your opponent.
    Win = 2 points: Draw = 1 point: Loss = Zero points:
    7.2 Drawing a game within 10 moves will earn neither player any points.
    7.3 Lichess Berserk and Streaks rules are not active (not in play).
    The Team/Individual with the most points on their own will be declared the winner. (see 8.2)
    8.2 When two or more Individual/Teams have the same number of points, the Lichess tournament performance tie-breaker is in effect and a winner declared. (Only one winner allowed!)
    One-off trophies will be awarded for the following places:
    a) The team that finishes top of the leader board after most points and tie-breaks.
    b) The individual player who finishes top of the leader board after most points and tie-break.
    9.2 Trophies will be presented to the team and individual at the TAFCA AGM.
    9.3 If not present, the trophies will be handed to the respective clubs to pass on.
    While TAFCA is willing to hear any disputes referred to them, TAFCA has no control over Lichess run events on the night.
    10.2 Any dispute should be referred to the committee in writing or by email within 5 days of dispute taking place.
    10.3 The committee’s decision on said matters will be final and no appeals will be entertained.
    The organisers (TAFCA) have the right to take measurers to ensure the smooth running of the event.