On this page you will find some hopefully useful video guides (walk through s) on how to use lichess when you are playing a TAFCA Online League match. The guides can be found below (tested on Desktop/laptop with windows only).


  • Challenging: This guide shows you how to make a challenge when you are the player with white in a TAFCA match.
  • Accepting: This guide shows you what you need to look out for and do to accept your opponents challenge and be pro-active!
  • Ending a Game: This guides shows you the ways to end the game. You must “NEVER” leave the site with a game still in play!
  • Watching: This guide shows you how to watch (keep an eye on) your team mates games, while you are playing your own match!
To make the video player bigger (Full screen), just press the box like symbol in the bottom right of the video player. Press it again (or esc on keyboard) to go back to the smaller screen.